What's New for Ladysword Productions?

13. 01. 18
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Lots. Lots of new stuff for LadySword Productions.

We are in a long-term process of upgrading our website, going mobile - and responsive. ....

What's on our schedule of new stuff to be added?

~ Many new portfolio items
~ New info about new EXCITING services we NOW offer - such as...

~ A wonderful MOBILE web portal - if you should visit us from your Mobile Device or Phone.

And we have alot of outdated stuff that needs upgrading... So.... I am anxious to get the remodeling job done - so I can show off all the new stuff. Please come back soon - to see what is new.

And in the meantime, please bear with us as we re-arrange and coordinate everything to look neat and tidy.

- Sandi Laufenberg-Deku

You can jump to the old, main site - AND READ MORE about our services - by CLICKING HERE.


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