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Sandi Laufenberg is the Lead Developer and Project Manager working on this enterprise app project utilizing Cordova and SQLite for iOS and Android, RESTful Services, as well as an intuitive website interface.

This is called "Incognito" for now, until the official release to the public.   Sandi's work entails using the Full Systems Development Life Cycle; such as a creating a lengthy proposal, specs, technical docs and also a 25+ screen prototype. The initial prototype and proposal attracted pre-development buyout offers of $1 million. Sandi was responsible for requirement gathering, development, and design from the bottom up.  The development process included releasing phases of the system to stakeholders, as app development progressed.  Sandi also managed the hiring of on & off-shore developers to assist on the development team at times. Sandi Laufenberg was the IT Manager of entire project.

·       This is an application system that can be accessed from an Internet browser on any PC or device. It is also a stand-alone mobile app which works without an internet connection, and thus be able to sync it's local SQLite database to a central database in the Cloud.

Other Notables:

·         iPhone/iOS development working with xCode, MixPanel, PhoneGap/Cordova

·         Android Development working with Eclipse and PhoneGap Cordova

·         Hybrid Mobile Development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SQLite, and JQuery Mobile and other libraries. 

·         Responsive Web Site Development utilizing Joomla, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

·         Graphics design, manipulation, and incorporation into functional interactive web objects. (Adobe CS3, CS5, MS Image Composer, Dreamweaver)

·         RestFul Web Services for syncing the offline SQLite database with MySQL database in the Cloud.

·         MySQL and MS Access:  Database design and analysis.

 This app is not available to the public.



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