FacDat (MS Access App)

13. 01. 09
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FacDat is an elaborate, complete system made up of a number of components. These components include:

The system was created by Sandi from the ground up. Following the SDLC (System Development Lifecycle), Sandi went throught the process of listening to the vision and then creating GUI and UML prototypes, and fine-tuning these until the user approved of them. This was followed by the development work, which translated the user requirements into a working system. Sandi was responsible for the design, development, coding, testing, debugging and documentation -- all the way to a complete system which is now used to manage over 200 property holdings for a large institution.


VBA MS Access (split database), VB Script, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Excell, MS Word )  

Click Here to view detailed screenshots.

Developer:  Sandi