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YHWH Is Our Rock, also called "YIORI", is a multi-faceted company.  Our website is www.YHWH.rocks.  If you do go to our website link, you may not find much as we are still working on our website.  Therefore, we apologize for that. We do hope to give you more fascinating and interesting content in the future.  

We partner with some other companies, which bring us our main business.

Below is a sampling of one of our current partners.

LadySword Productions - www.LadySword.biz

LadySword Productions is the right place for multifaceted mobile solutions, intriguing websites, optimal data accessibility, and programming efficiency --- LadySword Productions is the answer. We can meet your IT needs.

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About Us


Hi, my name is Sandi Laufenberg. I am the lead developer at LadySword Productions, which is based in the Madison, Wisconsin, area. I started LadySword Productions in 1998. In 2004, LadySword became part of The Winner's Way, Inc. Then, in 2014, we became a division of YHWH Is Our Rock, Inc.

Bragging is not really my forte', nor my hobby---but this would be the time to do it, I guess... So let me say that formerly, as a freelancer, I had produced hundreds of artistic AND awesome webpages, rendered hundreds of graphics, and created many databases. However - things just got better and better for LadySword. You see, over the years we have grown in our connections and associations. This network of professionals make up "our team". And now -- though I myself can't do everything -- OUR TEAM CAN.

More info and my resume links can be found here.

Dedicated to Excellent Service

LadySword Productions has an excellent team of associate programmers. Their combined talents CAN DO ALMOST EVERYTHING. No lie. 

Our network is made up of a number of excellent IT professionals.  Whether you need a brand new website -- a new or improved database -- or -- a programming fix, you have come to the RIGHT place!

With LadySword Productions, you will get fantastic results -- that is my personal promise to you.

Future Goals

  • We are looking to constantly improve upon our services and our systems.
  • Working to expand and improve the resources we offer to the public through our website. 
  • Plans for the future: 
    • More free articles and information.
    • Increasing the availability of economical business solutions without sacrificing quality.
    • In general - helping the Internet to become a better resource for all.

So.... if you don't see what you need on our site -- please don't hesitate to ask... or make a suggestion.  We'd love to hear from you.

With our network of professionals --- the sky is the limit !!

- Sandi Laufenberg



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Mystery Incognito iOS App
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Sandi Laufenberg is the Lead Developer and Project Manager working on an enterprise app project utilizing Cordova and SQLite for iOS and Android, RESTful Services, as well as an intuitive website interface.

This is called "Incognito" for now, until the official release to the public.   Sandi's work entails using the Full Systems Development Life Cycle; such as a creating a lengthy proposal, specs, technical docs and also a 25+ screen prototype. The initial prototype and proposal attracted pre-development buyout offers of $1 million. Sandi was responsible for requirement gathering, development, and design from the bottom up.  The development process included releasing phases of the system to stakeholders, as app development progressed.  Sandi also managed the hiring of on & off-shore developers to assist on the development team at times. Sandi Laufenberg was the IT Manager of entire project.

·       This is an application system that can be accessed from an Internet browser on any PC or device. It is also a stand-alone mobile app which works without an internet connection, and thus be able to sync it's local SQLite database to a central database in the Cloud.

Other Notables:

·         iPhone/iOS development working with xCode, MixPanel, PhoneGap/Cordova

·         Android Development working with Eclipse and PhoneGap Cordova

·         Hybrid Mobile Development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SQLite, and JQuery Mobile and other libraries. 

·         Responsive Web Site Development utilizing Joomla, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

·         Graphics design, manipulation, and incorporation into functional interactive web objects. (Adobe CS3, CS5, MS Image Composer, Dreamweaver)

·         RestFul Web Services for syncing the offline SQLite database with MySQL database in the Cloud.

·         MySQL and MS Access:  Database design and analysis.

 This app is not available to the public.



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