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15. 08. 21
posted by: Sandi
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We can install a website script for you. What is a web site script?  There are many FREE web site scripts out there.  You have probably heard of some of them, like...

    Mojo Templates   Template Monster


Website scripts are just about the coolest thing in the Internet world. Really. Why? Cuz there are so many free ones.  And the most popular ones have thousands of FREE templates available, plus quality pay-for templates at very decent prices. They are well worth the small price you pay, cuz you are getting a customizable website that other programmers have spent thousands of hours building and perfecting.  I would recommend that you go with a more popular one...and this is why:

Website scripts come in many flavors and types:  There are forums, customer relationship management, content management systems, classified ads, and so many others.Check out all the free scripts at Mojo Marketplace. You can also install it yourself if you like, or let us help you.  We can also help with the template install and customization (if desired).   Template Monster and Mojo Marketplace have very nice, high quality templates.  And there are quite a few other companies that sell templates.  Just google "Joomla templates",  or "ecommerce templates" (using whichever type you are looking for). 

FREE One-Click Installs for the Most Popular Applications

Mojo Marketplace has many popular scripts that you can install right onto your hosting account!  And, can you believe it's FREE???   With their one-click install wizard there is no technical knowledge required. However, we can help you if you get stuck - and - we won't charge you an arm and a leg.

Check out our portfolio to view some of our best website script projects - where we installed the script, the template, and then customized it.  No matter how much - or how little - help that you need, LadySword Productions can do it for you.