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Hi, my name is Sandi Laufenberg. I am the lead developer at LadySword Productions, which is based in the Madison, Wisconsin, area. I started LadySword Productions in 1998. In 2004, LadySword became part of The Winner's Way, Inc. Then, in 2014, we became a division of YHWH Is Our Rock, Inc.

Bragging is not really my forte', nor my hobby---but this would be the time to do it, I guess... So let me say that formerly, as a freelancer, I had produced hundreds of artistic AND awesome webpages, rendered hundreds of graphics, and created many databases. However - things just got better and better for LadySword. You see, over the years we have grown in our connections and associations. This network of professionals make up "our team". And now -- though I myself can't do everything -- OUR TEAM CAN.

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LadySword Productions has an excellent team of associate programmers. Their combined talents CAN DO ALMOST EVERYTHING. No lie. 

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    • In general - helping the Internet to become a better resource for all.

So.... if you don't see what you need on our site -- please don't hesitate to ask... or make a suggestion.  We'd love to hear from you.

With our network of professionals --- the sky is the limit !!

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Visitors come to your website - but how are they connected to the Internet when they come? That is the key.

If the connection is public - it is unprotected and can be easily hi-jacked by a "Wi-fi Attacker". Here are just some of the unwanted results that might occur:

  • Any web surfing that is done can be watched - such as...
    • Visiting your bank website.
    • Spying on your chat conversations
  • Identity Theft - The Attacker can impersonate you - send emails from you, communicate with your contacts, or read your email history. They can do anything that you can do on that site because once you log in, they can be right there with you as you go and do your business on that site. So when you leave that site, the Attacker can keep acting as you inside your account.



The answer is to use TLS/SSL for all websites, including the home page. Why? HTTP is the main way we commonly connect to most websites as we surf the Internet. But HTTP is unencrypted. That means it is not secure, it is not hidden or coded, and is open for all to see. Anyone who is on the same network connection can read it. When you implement TLS/SSL, you truly lock out spies and can surf in privacy.

What is TLS/SSL?

  • SSL, or "Secure Socket Layer", is a set of rules which keeps Internet information secure. It does this by encrypting the information. It is used by websites whose names begin with "https" instead of "http". A secure connection is created by using a "key" on the sending end and the receiving end of the data sending path. The key is used to put the data into the secret code before it travels across internet lines. Then, a matching key is used to unlock the data and put it into readable format for the user.
  • TLS, or "Transport Layer Security", is the latest version of SSL. It is an enhancement of SSL.
  • ENCRYPTION - a method used to hide the data, or information, by encoding ordinary language into code.



Previously, it was thought that certain methods protected us from the problem. For example:

  • 802.11 WIRELESS ROUTERS - More and more people are getting a wireless router in their home these days. And many coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels offer wireless internet for their customers. But, here are the dangers:
    • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) - the earliest security mechanism, turned out to be easily hacked. WEP has now been replaced with WPA2 in newer routers.
    • WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2) - this is the mechanism now found everywhere. However, it is still easy to hack, even when it appears you have it set up with secure login procedures.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)


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