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Written by Sandi Laufenberg Tuesday, 01 March 2005 00:00
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Ladysword Productions -- Creators of magnetic and innovative software solutions.

You've come to the right place...

For multifaceted mobile solutions, intriguing websites, optimal data accessibility, and programming efficiency --- LadySword Productions is the answer. We can meet your IT needs.

Why Choose Us?

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8 Tips to Good Wizard Design
Written by Sandi Laufenberg Wednesday, 21 March 2012 18:51
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Wizards are a type of user flow that a developer can use to make the user's experience easy and simple.  Below I have included an introduction to the usage of wizards, and 5 helpful guides to make your wizards the best.


What is a wizard, and when should you use one?

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  • Vibrant Solutions

    We specialize in vibrant solutions - using color, white space, and talented creations. How do we do it? Our developers were blessed from birth - with artistic abilities. They have an intrinsic desire to make things appealing to the eye.

  • Our JOOMLA Shop...

    We have a Joomla! Shop which specializes in delivering customized web sites. If you can imagine it, we can probably deliver it!

    * Easy to manage for non-computer people
    * VALUE - "Much bang for your buck" (Americanese: means you get alot for each dollar)
    * Joomla! is an AWESOME resource on the Web. Why? Because it is upgraded DAILY by hundreds of volunteer developers. So many people use Joomla that it just continues to be improved. It has unlimited Add-ons and Features - pre-programmed and available at a very low price.

  • Mobile Applications

    Our world is changing rapidly. Businesses need to act quickly to improve customer service. We can help.

    We can provide a solution to your mobile business needs. Our experienced mobile application developers will design a customized mobile application according to your specifications.

  • MOBILIZE Your Site...

    The year is 2012 - NOW. And here we are - with the mobile web - the whole internet -- available on our cell phones - or any mobile device that we have - almost anywhere that we can make a cell phone call - we can access the Internet!


    And what a tremendous great year it is.

    The technologies behind mobile web surfing are racing like a tsunami - at a lightening face speed - to flood the world. And the future of what we can do with our mobile devices - is so bright, we gotta wear shades !

    Get mobilized now - make it easy for mobile users to get info about your company while on the go.



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